All-in-one live music booking app

for independent Venues & Festivals

Book and manage live events fast and pain-free with AmptUp. Send booking offers, create a single source of truth for staff & Musicians on the cloud, free up time to promote the show.

Amptup All-in-one live music booking app
Amptup All-in-one live music booking app

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Enhancing your booking process, unifying your team, and reducing costs starts with a 15 min demo. We’ll show you how it works with a quick no-pressure meeting to learn more about how you book.

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“No BS – I think you’re really solving a problem for venues. ” 

image of Owner Madrone Coffee shop in Austin.

Jake Sussman 

Madrone Mountain Coffee, Austin Venue

Be a curator, not a copy-paster.

Spend less time moving information from one platform to another (calendar to email to socials…and on and on). Spend more time booking the acts you want.

Send & confirm booking offers FAST.

Give Musicians what they need.  Make it easy for them (and you!) to confirm the date and arrive on time for a great show, without any details missed. 

Track the progress of a booking.

From sending an offer to getting it paid, track the status online so your team is always aligned on who is confirmed and who is in negotiation. 

Create a single source of truth for everyone touching the show.

Get what you need without nagging.

Get Musician marketing assets WHEN the show is booked. No nagging and no hassle. Stop the back & forth, start promoting the show.


*Work with ANY Musician – no logins or accounts required.  

How it works:

Whether the musician contacts you, or vice versa, AmptUp streamlines the booking process, turning 10 messages into 2 clicks.

  • Create shows FAST: Enter dates and times

    for the show as well as load in, sound check, stage selection, and payment terms.

  • The rest flows in automatically

    or can be customized (marketing, hospitality offer, address, Venue tech rider, photos, and check-in guidelines and house rules). Sell-out potential is calculated for you - no more spreadsheets.

  • Send the booking offer

    to ANYONE you want, any WAY you want (by text, email, DM) with a fast & easy link. No login or account needed for the Musician.

  • Musician clicks and confirms the booking

    by entering key details, like: their band’s name/spelling, cell number, marketing assets/photos, rider, stage plots, etc. They get your downloadables (ie: supplementary contract or marketing assets), when they approve the offer.

Who is AmptUp for?

AmptUp is for you, if you are ANY of the following:

    • You have an outside talent buyer or staff member who handles some or all of the booking
    • The owner handles the booking and wants clarity for their team, or to eventually take a vacation (or retire!)
    • You have greater than 10 musicians that play regularly
    • You have new talent (and their fans) come regularly. 
    • You book 4+ bands per month (or are booking a festival)
Hero - Sax

Who is this NOT for?

We want to make sure you get what you need! AmptUp is not the best fit for everyone. AmptUp is not the best fit for:

    • Venues that have a small group of Musicians who play repeatedly (less than 10-15)
    • AND, the owner does all of the booking.


 Are you juggling 10 different systems to book each show (FB messenger, text, email, spreadsheets, google calendar, etc.)? 

You may be the boss, the curator, or an artist yourself, but one thing is certain… your time is better spent on other things.  Keep it all in one place (and your team in sync) with our live music booking platform for venues.

Clear, Fast Offers

Your Venue details autoflow into an offer, making offers takes 3 minutes, and the Musician has everything they need to give a fast yes.

Get Musician Assets instantly

In order to view and accept the booking offer, Musicians are prompted to submit stage plots, logos, photos, bios, socials and more, so you have what you need to promote the show AS SOON, as it’s confirmed.

Easy Payout Calculator

No more complicated spreadsheets, from flat fees to ticket splits, the sell-out potential payout is calculated at the right based on the capacity.

Unified Team Calendar & Add Your Team

Create a central calendar that is automatically populated with bookings and invite your team to view. No more endless copy/pasting.

Less work, more tickets sold.

Make promotion easier for both sides, and save hours in your week.


How can I book Musicians while on the move, do you have a mobile app?

AmptUp is mobile friendly! We know you’re booking live music at all times and all places, so all of the pages are specifically designed for mobile, and an app is coming soon.

Can I invite my team (or clients) to see booking details?

Yes! Inviting and unifying your internal team with AmptUp (as well as Musicians) is a critical part of our value to independent music Venues. Crucial details can be lost in emails, text, and ‘reply-alls’ that never were. Invite your internal team, clients, or contractors to view bookings with password protection. For external viewers, the booking offer will act as the single source of truth with the Musician’s team and can be shared without password protection to anyone.

I’m a talent buyer for multiple Venues, how will this work?

Managing multiple live music Venues is easy on AmptUp. Under your profile dropdown in the top right, click on “Venues” and add a new Venue. Monthly subscription prices are per Venue.

How do I pay Musicians and how much do I pay Musicians? Does AmptUp handle payment to the Musician?

Nope, not right now. Pay how you’d like, in the way that works best for you, for any amount you agree on.

We will be adding online payment and W9 management in the future. See our roadmap for next releases.

I already get a ton of Musician pitches, do I really need this?

AmptUp is specifically designed to help you tame the email inbox madness. Reduce the 12-15 emails needed for each booking into 2 clicks, so that nothing gets lost in email chains and text threads…or worse yet, imprisoned there if your talent booker moves on.

We know you also receive a tsunami of email pitches, and while our system is focused on streamlining the booking, we’re working on ways to make it easier to view, cull, and respond to pitches.

Does it cost my Musicians anything?

Nada. They will receive the booking offer, and can accept, decline, or request changes without paying any fees and without even logging in or having an account.

I do everything myself, and have a small group of rotating Musicians, do I really need this?

Most likely no. We’ve found that Venues who rotate 10-15 Musicians, or who have less than 4 shows per month typically prefer to use the system they already have in place, since they can manage that number of personal relationships with ease.

If you are looking for new Musicians to fill in occasionally, or invite fans (and new customers) to your Venue, we are working to build a Musician search function. See our roadmap for next releases.

I have a well-honed system with google calendar/docs, do I really need this?

Your booking deserves something better than even the most well-honed google systems. The problem with ‘free’ systems is they usually aren’t, and the cost is your data and privacy.

Additionally, while your internal team may be organized, communicating with your external team (Musicians) still requires endless copy/pasting and repeat question-answering.

Both sides will thank you for the level of detail, clarity, and speed they get with AmptUp. And YOU can spend your new free time curating or promoting the show.

Not quite ready, but 
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We’ve spent hundreds of hours interviewing industry professionals, and we’ve seen what works and what doesn’t from the divey-est of bars to top shelf Venues. From how to choose Musicians that sell tickets… to revenue boosters, 1-2x/mo we curate those ideas and tips from across America to share with you for a bit of inspiration.

We’ve spent hundreds of hours interviewing industry professionals, and we’ve seen what works and what doesn’t from the divey-est of bars to top shelf Venues. From how to choose Musicians that sell tickets… to revenue boosters, 1-2x/mo we curate those ideas and tips from across America to share with you for a bit of inspiration.